New Life 4

February 9, 2010

After college, Miles followed Chuck to Austin where he had gotten a job at a video game company. While Miles had long since given up his dreams of being a musician, he also found it extremely difficult to find any steady work with his journalism degree.
Since Chuck was making enough money in his job to support the two of them, Miles found himself staying home during the day and working on his writing. Soon, Miles was able to find success writing an advice column for teenage boys.
Chuck would always ask Miles how come she was so good at writing for a male audience and Miles would just smile.
Before long, the two of them began talking about marriage and starting a family. Miles would never have guessed that a stray wish he made six years ago would one day see him thinking about marrying a man and having children with him — but sure enough here he was in just that situation.
In his 7th year as a woman, Miles became pregnant with Chuck’s child. As he began to prepare for his new life as a mother, he started to feel regret. He knew that before he gave birth to his child, he needed to apologize to his sister.

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