New Life 6

February 9, 2010

Katie could not belive her eyes when her brother showed up at her door with a ring on his finger and his belly fat with child. She had an even harder time dealing when her brother admited that it was because of his wish that the two of them had swapped bodies nine years earlier. Katie was furious — not only had Miles stollen her body, he had stollen the life that she had dreamed of one day living. It was bad enough when Miles had taken her body and become a rock and roll lesbian, but she couldn’t stand the idea of him as a mother and homemaker. It was just too much. Miles tried his best to comfort his sister, to assure her that he was sorry and that Katie was more then welcome to be a part of Miles and Chuck’s life. Through tear-stained eyes, Katie asked Miles why he had done it — why he had swapped bodies with her. Miles assured her it was an accident. He never meant for it to happen. “If you could go back, would you do it again?” she asked. Miles, looking at the hurt in his sister’s eyes, couldn’t stop himself. As much as he loveed Chuck and the life he now had, he answered yes. The world began to spin.

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