New Life

February 9, 2010

Nobody could quite explain the changes in Katie’s behavior when she returned from her first year of college during winter break.
While her mother was happy to see Katie had finally dropped those last few pounds of baby fat, she couldn’t say she was entirely pleased with her new choice in wardrobe.
What she, nor the rest of her family, realized was that Katie and her brother Miles had swapped bodies the summer after Katie had graduated high school.
An idle wish from Miles to be able to escape his controlling parents like his big sister was able to had swapped the two siblings’ souls.
While Katie was able to keep Miles in check — and consistent with her normal behavior — while the two of them were under the same roof that summer, once Miles went off to college, all bets were off.
Once out of the sight of his parents and big sister (now little brother), Miles began to make peace with his new body. Dropping out of the cheerleading squad, a hobby his sister had participated in her entire life, Miles used his natural skills at music and formed a band with several of the older guys in his dorm. They enjoyed having a chick in their group — Miles enjoyed having drinks bought for him.
He took up smoking, bought a new wardrobe for his sister’s body that was closer in style to his old threads and even found himself a girlfriend — something his sister was mortified to learn.
While his sister was struggling to live with the fact that she was now a pubescent teenage boy, Miles had come to terms with his new life. He was his own woman now — and just because he was stuck in his sister’s body didn’t mean he was going to live her life.

One Response to “New Life”

  1. tweak57 Says:

    I love this story!

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